The building was not originally an art museum, it was intended to be a part of Kitakata’s Kura moving and renewal project. ‘Kura no Sato’, is a group of 7 relocated and renovated Kuras which were donated to the town by Kitakata citizens interested in the preservation of this architectural heritage, which is known a symbol of the town. Although the building was not built as a museum it was built with the purpose of broadcasting local culture.

Between Taisho Era, plus7years, (1918) and the beginning of Showa Era (1926), Kitakata’s wealthy citizens would invite Tokyo painters to come and paint and sell their works in Kitakata. These wealthy local people and painters organized ”Kitakata Art Club”, with the aim of building a museum in the future but unfortunately this club disappeared in the early Showa era. However the passion for art remained and the local museum was eventually opened, a grand achievement for a small town.